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This website is owned and operated by Just Legal Jobs and Training under the domain name 'www.jobsandtraining.com.au'.

Just Legal Pty Ltd is committed to respecting your privacy and treats all personal information appropriately. This Privacy Statement explains our policy for handling personal information which you may provide to us when you access and interact with our website.

Our Privacy Policy is based on the National Privaqcy Principles in the Privacy Act 1988.

Emailing Just Legal Jobs and Training

When you send us an email, the contents of your email and your email address are generally retained by us for only as long as is necessary to respond to or deal with your enquiry. Your email is likely to contain personal information which would enable us to identify you.

If you have provided us with personal information in an email transmission, Just Legal Pty Ltd will use only that information that is necessary to respond appropriately to your email or carry out business that arises from it.

Collection of information

The information which we will collect about you depends on how and why you access our website.

If you visit the website to read, browse or download information, our computer system will record information about the visit such as the type of browser and operating system you are using, the previous site you visited, your server's IP address, the date and time of your visit, the pages accessed and any information downloaded.

We only use this information for statistical, reporting, website administration and maintenance purposes. It is not used in a way that identifies you or to analyse how individual visitors have used our site.

Our website may offer interactive facilities such as online application forms. If you use any of these interactive features, we may capture personal information which you enter. This information is collected, used, disclosed, stored and handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

If you apply for employment either directly with Just Legal Pty Ltd or have applied for positions advertised by us, we will treat all information relevant to your application appropriately and confidentially.

We do not sell personal information and we take all reasonable steps to ensure that the confidentiality of information received via the website is protected and not subject to misuse, inappropriate or unauthorised access.

Links to other websites

Our website may contain links to websites which are owned or operated by third parties independent of Just Legal Jobs and Training including websites owned or operated by other service providers. Those websites should contain their own privacy statements, and their owners or operators are responsible for informing you about their security and privacy practices. We are not responsible for information on, or the privacy practices of, such websites.


We will give you reasonable access to any personal information we hold about you on request.

If you have any queries about the operation of this website, or if you wish to have access to personal information which we hold about you, or believe that the information which we hold may be inaccurate, incomplete or out of date, please contact us.

Changes to this Privacy Statement

You acknowledge and accept that your use of the Just Legal Jobs and Training website indicates your acceptance of the terms of use outlined in this Privacy Statement. This Privacy Statement replaces any other Privacy Statement previously published for the Just Legal Jobs and Training website.

We may at any time vary the Privacy Statement by publishing the varied Privacy Statement on our website. You accept that by your use of the Just Legal Jobs and Training website after any variation, we have provided you with sufficient notice of the variation and you are taken to have accepted the revised Privacy Statement.

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